The Street Team Debuts at J-Pop Festival 2012!

It was the street team’s first participation at a con and there couldn’t have been a more apt opportunity.

J-Pop Festival prides itself for being a gathering dedicated to local street teams and fan clubs. Organized by Japanice Productions in collaboration with Odyssey and JpopAsia, this year’s J-Pop Festival was held at Cinema 10 of Megamall last July 07.  Tickets were at 100Php each.

Booths by the cinema entrance sold a lot of j-pop merchandise from posters to magazine to authentic CDs! But the buying frenzy outside couldn’t compare with the euphoria happening inside Cinema 10. Individual and group performers gave homage to their idols via song and dance numbers and every performance was met by much shrieks and cheers by the overly enthusiastic crowd.

But the highlight of the night undoubtedly was the showcase of  fan clubs and street teams. Participating groups were given 15 minutes each on stage to strut their stuff. Fan clubs for  NEWS, HEY! SAY! JUMP!, Kis-My-Ft2, Utada Hikaru and Namie Amuro held simple contests and video presentations.

Interestingly, the L’Arc~en~Ciel Street Team was the last to hit the stage.

We flaunted our #LArcMNL posters as street member Aria introduced the team and of course L’Arc~en~Ciel. We also gave a background on the voting for the next world tour. And then… it was the launch of 1st official #LArcMNL campaign vid!

Short recap of the audience reaction:

READY STEADY GO… *screams*

tetsu.. *screams*


ken…. *screams*


Yup, the crowd lost it when hyde in all his glory was projected on the screen.

To be honest,  it was nerve-wracking but the warm reception by the audience was very much encouraging. Best of all, it was all fun!

Just check out these pictures from the event featuring the members interacting with the audience!


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