Colors and Fangs: a Hyde vs. Hyde Rumble

Have you ever experienced something that you said being twisted in someone else’s mouth until you could no longer recognize that it actually came from you? You know, something like”

John: My dog is huge.
Johnnie: John said his dog is big. That frightens me.
Jannie: John’s guard dog scared Johnnie. It must be ferocious.
Janine: John’s ferocious dog scared Johnnie.

I guess everyone has had an episode of tales gone wild. Tales so unbelievable, it’s true! Let’s have the sort version of the recent spat:

Hyde: L’Arc is work. Vamps is what I always wanted to do.
Rabid Hyde Fan: L’Arc is dead. It’s preventing Hyde from doing what he wants!

Fill in the blanks of how that came to be.

Vamps vs. L'Arc

True fans of Hyde and L’Arc~en~Ciel either go defensive and say, “Hey! That’s not what he said,” or make like me and go LOL LOL LOL all the way home.

The fact of the matter is, it really doesn’t matter what Hyde said. Everything that happened fits in the great marketing ploy of the publicists who smirk behind fans who do the viral work for them.

Think about it!

The PR guys get paid millions of Yen while we slave away at their behest–blogging, vlogging, posting, commenting, trolling…picking fights–without making a single cent as the band’s popularity rises. Okay, so maybe as fans, we’re happy to be part of L’Arc~en~Ciel/Hyde, even if it’s only a cat fight involving a truckload of kittens over the web space. We hit each other with cyber claws and intangible teeth. We hiss at each other in different languages cursing Babel for dividing us from our allies in Spain and France.

While I find amusement in seeing other people smear virtual mud in each others’ faces, I’d rather be paid to do such viral an emotionally (possibly even mentally) damaging campaigns than to be watched coming out of the battle with invisible battle scars and not a whit of hero’s welcome.

So while marketing sits on their penthouse of gold, we, L’Arc/Hyde fans of the world become locked in an epic battle to give meaning to what Hyde really meant in a single statement.

“L’Arc is work. VAMPS is what I want to do.”

Alright, I may not be Hyde, but I guess I know what he means.

I’m a writer. I began to make a living by writing heavy, nonfiction fact-based stuff (i.e. business reports, international relations analyses, etc.) and sometimes, I get a good old magazine article request. It’s not exactly what I want to do, but it’s close enough. Writing is writing. Much like Hyde when he began to make music in L’Arc~en~Ciel. It wasn’t exactly Duran Duran, but at least he was in a visual band. It’s a job I had before I got my foot into the murky waters of creative writing. Same goes for him: before he dabbled into metal, he created Hyde.

Now, I also earn my bullion in creative writing–my passion–aside from the heavy stuff I was known to be doing. I never let go of my old job because of my reputation in that field, the fact that I would still earn there, plus I couldn’t burn bridges with my clients just like that. Like Hyde finally creating VAMPS. He never let go of the fans because of the challenge, the fans and perhaps, a certain sentimentality.

Personally, I still like L’Arc~en~Ciel better, but to each his own, of course.

Beyond that, I’m not saying anything more.

Does anyone else want to join the catfight?


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