Jrock Represent at Asian Pop Expo 2012

Still beaming due to our successful debut at J-Pop Festival, the street team participated on yet another local con: the Asian Pop Expo. The event, held last Sept.2 at Elements Centris, was the brain child of Hobbiworx Inc., the same outfit behind TAGCOM , Philippines Cosplay Convention and COLLECTICON.

Now what made Asian Pop Expo different was that it catered to fans of not just Japanese pop but also of Cantonese and of Korean pop. Billed as the  “ultimate Popular Culture experience”, the event featured singing and dance contests, fashion show, cosplay competition, live performances and battle of the bands.

asian pop expo

Fan clubs and street teams were allowed to set-up booths inside the venue. As we are preparing for a major event of our own, the team opted not to have a booth and just distribute flyers instead.

photo 1

We noted the strong presence of Japanese music in every aspect of the event. Booths for jpop artists held their own beside those of Jang Geun Suk and Super Junior. Anime theme songs were also played during breaks and most of the time, the whole hall would erupt in collective singing. However, it must be said that with the exception of the FC for ONE OK ROCK and of course the L’Arc Street Team, Jmusic was primarily represented by groups dedicated to JPOP.

And speaking of breaks, there was actually a number of lulls in the program. Seizing the opportunity, we asked the permission of the organizers if we can promote onstage and fortunately, they approved! So after the singing competition (in which our very own Aria bagged second place), team members Jahra and Aria hit the stage and encouraged everyone to participate in the worldwide vote.

photo 2

photo 3

We again showed the #LArcMNL campaign video that got most of the audience singing along to READY STEADY GO.

photo (2)

Given the impromptu opportunity to promote onstage, we dare consider campaigning at Asian Pop Expo another resounding success!

Up next, the #LArcMNL campaign invades Best of Anime 2012!


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