Rediscovering Laruku: A Personal Experience and A Wake Up Call

Have you ever had that feeling that you have outgrown your love for Japanese music? Or specifically *gasp* L’Arc~en~Ciel? Yeah, I’ve been there.

Here’s my story.


I thought I had outgrown L’Arc~en~Ciel, especially when they focused on their individual careers. It was like the idea of the band as a whole summarized Japanese music for me so when they were inactive  after their release of Drink It Down and Nexus 4, my L’Arc spirit kind of died down a bit and that included listening to their songs as well.

I honestly do not know what had gotten into me. Probably that dying addiction went with losing my iPod, back in 2009, that had my whole Japanese playlist. I was losing interest in watching anime at the same time as well. Yep, I was growing up (or so I thought). I forgot about them and their music.

Fast forward to mid-2011: I saw a post by my senior, who lives in the UK, about watching  a live performance by X-Japan. It suddenly  was like Celine Dion’s song “It’s All Coming Back To Me” right then and there. Here was this person I know, a Filipino, who got to watch one of the most epic Japanese rock bands ever. He even got to watch Nana Kitade, Gackt with Yellow Fried Chickenz and Dir en Grey! I messaged him and told him that I was insanely jealous of him being in the UK and was able to watch all these Japanese artists. And it was him who mentioned that L’Arc~en~Ciel was going on a world tour and I snapped right there! If he can watch, so can I! He brought out the Cieler in me again.  I unearthed all the music I had from my CDs and what was left in our PC, researched about the stuff that I missed and made a vow that I would watch L’Arc in that 2012 World Tour. I watched all of my live DVDs and I was addicted for the second time around.

Rediscovering L’Arc~en~Ciel made me realize a few things:

  1. I wasn’t patient fan and I missed a lot of good things such as the release of Bless. I missed the 20th L’Anniversary celebration! I missed one of their biggest accomplishments as a band. Be a patient fan, that’s all there is to it.
  2. There is no such thing as outgrowing a certain love for music. Yes, you might not be an avid fan anymore but you can’t help that feeling of nostalgia once you hear that music you used to listen to every single day.
  3. I did not realize the impact they have made in my life. I learned to play an instrument because of them. They have songs to fit all types of moods, all those highs and lows.
  4. I don’t believe any other band can recreate their music. I’ve listened to a lot of artists during my fandom hiatus and nothing will ever compare to them.
  5. It’s hyde. It’s ken. It’s tetsuya. It’s yukihiro. ‘Nuff said.

So you have a friend whose L’ove has died down? IT’S TIME TO WAKE THEM UP! They don’t know what they’re missing. I’ve realized that, and make them realize it too. There’s another world tour coming and we need those votes!



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