Coming Closer: The first L’Arc~en~Ciel PH Fan Meet


It was a day filled with bananas, singing, competitive quiz answering, mingling, and just plain having fun as Filipino L’Arc~en~Ciel fans got together in UP Diliman’s Balay Kalinaw last 23 September 2012 to celebrate the music of Japan’s rock royalty – L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Having the event title “Coming Closer” -a song from the band’s SMILE album- a number of Filipino “Cielers” did come together and participated in the activities that the L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team prepared all for the love of the Japanese rock band. Some of the attendees even took the effort to dress up like their favorite band member!

We’ve got a male and female version of Hyde – Hackt-san and Pepper-san – who both won the “ken award” for their dress up.

A test of how much the fans know about the band, whose career spans more than twenty years, had been put to the test at the event’s main activity — the “L’Arc Quiz,” which was inspired by the game quiz show with the same title that L’Arc~en~Ciel played for their Quadrinity compilation album. This time the Street Team added their own twist in the game, dividing the Quiz into four categories: Trivias, Song Guessing, PV Guessing, Live Guessing.

The attendees’ answers to a question from the Song Guessing category that asked for the anime in which “SHINE” had been used as the theme song

And here’s our most competitive group that received the “tetsu award”!

Another highlight of the event was the Mukimpo Eating Contest. For Cielers, the term name “Mukimpo,” is a common, well-known word. Yes, it’s what the beloved L’Arc leader bites throws in every concert after shouting, “Do you want to eat my banana?”. Apparently, Filipino fans also want to do just that. So in the Fan Meet, the three willing participants devoured as many Mukimpos as they can in one minute for two rounds! It was a fun game, considering that it was held right after the food and drinks for the event had been served.

Ready, Steady…


And the winner is…

Now this is Raz-san, the man who devoured a WHOLE banana with just ONE bite. How crazy is that? :P This Ken poster, sponsored by WeNidOkane, was a well-deserved prize.

But of course, before all these craziness happened, we began with a simple ice breaker game: the Human Bingo. Yes, it’s that game where you have to make a person sign his/her name in the description that fits him/her.

Yes, like this one. Gets the attendees on their feet.

And the winner was….


But of course, a party about a band ain’t complete without karaoke! Pinoy Cielers sang their hearts out in the Street Team’s version of the L’Arc~e~Oke. Out of all those who sang, the Street Team chose one person for the special “hyde award” for his singing prowess. And the winner who received a 4gb guitar USB from Sipit was…


Other special awards were given, such as the tetsuya award for most competitive, yukihiro award for being the shy person at the start of the event, but is actually a wild party animal, and the early birds.

Some of the participants have also been interviewed for the upcoming 2nd LArcMNL campaign video.

And at the end of the event, the Street Team raffled items provided by the following sponsors: Tokei Enterprise, WeNidOkane, Sipit, Akiba Cafe, and Waku Waku.

Yes, we gave away original L’Arc~en~Ciel CDs!

And posters!

And gift certificates!

And these LArcMNL Coming Closer Fan Meet keychains by Fanshoppe

The Street Team also sold merchandise/promotional materials for every fan to take home, should they wish. These items can still be ordered, just leave a message on L’Arc PH’s Facebook page:

 Aren’t the stickers and pins just so lovely?

When I got home from the event, my family and non-L’Arc friends asked me how the fan meet was. As someone from the Street Team, I just told them, “It’s not for us to say. Only the attendees can say how it went.” But after seeing the positive  feedbacks from fellow Cielers in our page, I knew the answer. All the preparations were worth it. It was worth it for the fans. It was worth it for us. L’Arc~en~Ciel is and will always be worth it.

See you in Manila, L’Arc~en~Ciel! Your Filipino fans love you oh so very much! :”>

Hoping to see you guys in our next event! And hopefully, more can join us! 🙂

More photos here:


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