Last Quarter ~Kagen no Tsuki~ Always the End

Kagen no Tsuki-Last Quarter is a movie adaptation of a manga of the same name by Ai Yazawa. The story is pretty much the same with he director having little of his own interpretation of the movie.

I’m not going through the summary in this review. I don’t want to be a spoiler. But if you want some spoils, you can find one here instead.

Kagen no Tsuki

Yes, this is one of those non-scary Japanese ghost movies that, if you’re into fast-paced stories, will lull you to sleep. The pace is slow and there are moments when you lose interest despite the mystery. In retrospect, you would have guessed the whole story once you get that Adam (Hyde) is a ghost. Although if you’re into mushy romances and get all tingly with the thought of a man loving you even after death, then this is for you.

I must warn you, if you’re looking to watch this movie for the sake of drooling over Hyde, don’t bring a bucket to catch all that saliva. Hyde seldom appears here and there for a few minutes, and sometimes, even seconds and then disappears. Somehow, even with such a small screen-time, he is still considered a major character. As you can see in the DVD image, Hyde even pushed over the main male actor for the spot.

Hyde has been in two movies and we can see neither of them showing Hyde as a live human being. In Moon Child, he was a Vampire. The undead. In Kagen no Tsuki, he was a ghost. It seems like Hyde as an actor is more fit for the dead in the roles he play. Which is quite understandable. He’s only two steps below Twighlight’s Bella in accomplishing a one size fits-all expression.

But I have to say, his acting in Moon Child was more human than in Kagen no Tsuki. I think he was taking the role of dead too seriously that even his face is dead–he was only undead in Moon Child. His co-actors carried the whole acting for the movie, with his poster-face only as an added bonus to those who want an eye-candy.

Personally, I’d like Hyde to stick to being a singer, a variety show guest and a model. He should leave the acting to others.


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