#LArcMNL Online Party Series: HYDE/VAMPS Night and SAKURA Night

The L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team pioneered the organization of online parties when it launched #larcenciel night last August. Since then, the online parties have been met enthusiastically by fans not only in the Philippines but all over the world. Last November, the team turned the spotlight on L’Arc members’ solo work by organizing the #LArcMNL series of online parties.

Kicking it off was HYDE/VAMPS Night, held November 22. It was a 5-hour party filled with the music of HYDE and VAMPS plus amazing interaction among fans. Admin Nerissa DJ-ed the event with our guest DJ @irenequinio.
Hyde/VAMPS Night

Overall, this event based on the response from the audience and the clamor for more online parties.

The next online party was in celebration of Sakura’s birthday. It was held 3 days before Sakura’s actual birthday on November 20. Fans partied to the music of of ZIGZO, Sons Of All Pussys, Rayflower and Creature Creature. I, Admin Kenshin, DJ-ed the event which also featured songs from Sakura’s time with L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Aside from enjoying some great music, we also learned a lot about Sakura and his projects after L’Arc. And based on these tweets, the audience didn’t mind that the party lasted for 5 hours again up to the wee hours of the morning.

Coming up next: we recall the successful parties dedicated to ken and tetsuya and of course, the epic yukihiro night!


One response to “#LArcMNL Online Party Series: HYDE/VAMPS Night and SAKURA Night

  1. Ahh I miss all these ^^ I wasn’t able to be there the whole time for each party but each was amazing! Especially Yukihironight, it was crazy! >w<

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