Why L’Arc~en~Ciel [Part 1]

L’Arc~en~Ciel? What’s that? A Japanese band? YOU like them? No? You LOVE ’em? WHY?

For a lot of fans (who aren’t Japanese) this may be a typical question that they may be asked by people who do not understand our L’ove for them. The fan girl in me feels the need to justify a band as colorful as their name. Now, I am dividing this defense into parts (just so you’ll come back to visit our blog ^-^) focusing on members, music, lives and other stuff I may come up with in the succeeding days; a review of sorts of the best band ever and this is Part 1.

Why L’Arc~en~Ciel? We have ken, yukihiro, tetsuya and hyde (I am sorry, I can’t really focus on Sakura, there are a lot of things I don’t know about him but he is an AMAZING drummer): 4 eccentric characters and a mumbo jumbo of different personalities. I will aim to explain why this band’s members are highly lovable and what each of them can bring to the band!

The guy with exceptional guitar skills. His solos bring life to the music they make. And the music they make, according to the other members, they owe a lot to ken’s great ear for music. He also has an impressive array of compositions he has contributed to the band from the hopeful My Heart Draws A Dream to an upbeat Vivid Colors. ken also has this quirky attitude. He doesn’t care about what other people think of what he does or how he dresses. Remember all those sequined and leopard printed shirts and pants during their live performances? He is also such a big clown and he has an amazing appeal when he goes in on stage and on TV appearances, he makes a joke out of everything.

The quiet and mysterious member. Every group needs one right? 🙂 There are times he gets out of his shell to be noticed (remember that cute front roll he did during the 20th L’Anniversary), but I think that is unnecessary. He stands out through his drumming. Sure, he may not be as suave as Sakura on the set, but his strength can be seen through his solos. He displays complete abandon in his drum solos. And have you seen his body?! That body was achieved through hard work behind the drum set! He does not want to be known as an average drummer. He is also great at programming music, being behind the awesome techno sounds like that of Chase and Get Out From The Shell.

Leader-san as I’d like to call him. He calls for no compromises in the work that he does and he pays attention to details. He is the leader with principles. But this leader has a rather colorful side to him… A very colorful side. From neon greens to hot pink to eye-wrenching orange, tetsuya has no fear of the wardrobe and he is gutsy that way! And who wouldn’t admire his incredible bass lines? Listen to Blurry Eyes and you’ll hear the bass notes jumping from one note to another. He makes it a point that the bass is not just a background instrument as other bands do. And while his fingers play on the bass he sings the second voice of most of the songs live and twirls around like a lunatic! While most rock stars do a head bang… tetsuya cutely twirls. 🙂 And as for my final point, tetsuya can’t be tetsuya without Mukimpo! Who throws bananas during a concert and squirts water to the audience with a Mukimpo water gun? Only tetsuya and nobody else can. 🙂

JFans may not know L’Arc (which hurts but that’s a fact) but they can’t ever not know hyde. hyde is arguably the prettiest man alive. I doubt anyone will go against me on this. Not to mention the sexiest, right? Everything about him is sexy: those eyes, those lips, that hair, those abs and the way he dresses. Even his tattoos are sexy too! He doesn’t even have to try. While we’re on the topic of sexiness, his voice belongs on the top 5 of my list of the sexiest voices I’ve heard. Imagine Dir En Grey’s Kyo to The Gazette’s Ruki, both amazing vocalists but they kind of sound similar, right? But hyde’s is a very distinct voice, you’ll definitely know it’s hyde whose singing. His range is also incredible! Notice the difference between Blame’s low register and Hitomi no Juunin’s high notes, nothing but amazing right? And, AND, despite the visual impairment of being color blind, he draws extremely well!

So then, what’s not to love about these guys? Absolutely nothing! Incredible abilities and personalities unified by a band called also known as a Rainbow. L’Arc~en~Ciel is a mix of colorful characters: a guitarist who doesn’t mind if everyone sees that his fly is open, a drummer who is famous for not eating, a bassist who owns a Louis Vuitton toilet seat and a vocalist who can imitate Doraemon and make him sound like a pervert.

Individually, they’re cool. But as a group, they are great! They are L’Arc~en~Ciel. ‘Nuff said.


5 responses to “Why L’Arc~en~Ciel [Part 1]

  1. great article! Hyde does have one of the most distinct voices out there and that’s what initially drew me to the band, but the bass is amazing, especially for rock music. I love the guitar and drums also, they’re all super talented.

    • Thank you for appreciating Shana-Marie. Their musical skills put together are really great. They’re very different in each of their solos but when they’re together as L’Arc~en~Ciel… I can’t even describe the music they make.

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