#LArcMNL Online Party Series: yukihiro night, ken night and tetsuya night

The third and no doubt the most successful online party so far is the one dedicated to our dear drummer yukkie. Held last November 24 (yukkie’s actual birthday), the event was co-presented by our guest DJ: @waltzwith_me also known as The Sketchbook Journal. Our friend @hychibi designed this great poster:

The Sketchbook Journal&lt definitely rocked yukihiro night by featuring the music of acid android, ZI:KILL and DIE IN CRIES. Aside from her awesome playlist, she also presented an amazing yukido fanfic. The fanfic also comes with a fanart provided by @hychibi.

You can check out the fanfic and fanart here http://chocolate-marshmallows.tumblr.com/

The party lasted for 6 hours and set a record in terms of attendance. We couldn’t be happier!
Here are some feedback from that day:

Following the record breaking #yukihironight was #KenNight held last December 01.

As we all know, our favorite guitarist celebrates his birthday on November 28 so we hosted then an Online Party to show our appreciation for our sexy lover boy. @irenequinio and I co-hosted the event. Featuring the music of Ken and Sons Of All Pussys, the party likewise lasted for 6 hours.

Personally I was a bit disappointed on how things turned out. We had technical problems with the chatbox and it was only fixed 30 minutes before the party ended. To think we have been planning this for a month. Being able to talk to our guests though did make me feel a little a better. It’s heart warming to see that people still stayed and listened to the playlist.

And finally, capping off our #LArcMNL series was tetsuya Night – A party celebrating Leader-sama’s transition from tetsu to tetsuya. The party lasted for 5 hours and was hosted by Admin Nerissa.

Based on these tweets, the audience did have a grand time listening to the music of TETSUYA, TETSU69, P’unk~en~Ciel and Creature Creature.

Thank you to everyone who attended our series of online parties. We are also grateful for the friends we have made over the course of these memorable weekends.
Be sure to join us again for the upcoming Hurry Xmas Online Party on December 21 and A Night with the Android on December 29!

And yes, we have bigger plans for next year so please stay tuned.


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