Changing Paces: L’Acoustic

Kuchidzuke, Love Flies, Honey, Trust, As if in a Dream, and In the Air. All these start with a guitar guiding the flow of the music until the end. As Ken’s musicality pushes out of his guitar into our souls, we remember that the guitar is not only a background for the vocals, but an instrument that conveys its own message without words. Even alone, an acoustic guitar can say so much and even a few notes can remind people of the songs they love so much.

On April 20, L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team pays homage to L’Arc songs with a night of jamming with the hallmark
instrument–the guitar. We present to you…

L’Arcoustic Night! An LPST anniversary celebration night filled with acoustic renditions of L’Arc songs from fans, L’Arc~e~oke, games and other activities to celebrate L’Arc with the passion they inspire us with and the love that we have for our favorite band.

Join the celebration as the L’arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team celebrates its first anniversary!

For more information, go to to perform, meet other fans or just have fun!


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