New goods out from TETSUYA, Ken and geek sleep sheep

TETSUYA plates and mugs are now available for pre-order at ARTIST DELI! Items can be bought either  individually (mug: 2,500yen, plate set: 10,000yen) or as a set (12,000yen). Shipping is expected to be in June.

from ARTIST DELI website

Merchandise from the recently concluded “confusion bedroom” live by geek sleep sheep are likewise on sale on the site starting today March 29.  Product description and prices can also be found at geek sleep sheep’s OHP.


from ARTIST DELI website

Meanwhile, Ken is coming out with a plush toy of KEN CHAN MAN, the superhero from 4koma that appeared in his book “ken gyūnyū”. ARTIST DELI is now accepting pre-order with shipping to begin in early May. KEN CHAN MAN retails for 2,500yen.

Ken also collaborated with famed guitar brand Fender to produce the Ken Fender T-shirt under the line Fender collaboration. Inoran will also be producing shirts under said line.

The Ken T-shirt features the “Ken Stratocaster Galaxy Red” guitar on the front while its technical characteristics adorn the back.

from website

Although the collaboration was just announced last March 26, the Ken T-shirt (and even Inoran’s) is already SOLD OUT at the time of this writing.



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