10 Reasons I Love the Street Team!

The L’Arc~en~Ciel Philippine Street Team core group is composed of people from different walks of life: some have their master’s degrees, others are simple office workers, and there are travelers and artists. There are those who are well-off, those with their own children, those who are dragged down with their real life problems, and some who are just walking through life, enjoying the ups and downs.

In the middle of all these differences is that chewy inner core of L’Arc~en~Ciel fandom goodness. People who take a chunk off their dull lives to squeal and natter about their favorite band or band member and give their lives a little more kick…whether it’s kicking themselves into high gear or kicking themselves in the @$$ for the work they should be getting paid for, but never do. I’m proud to be in this group.

I’ve been in many organizations, but to me, LPST is very special. A very special group of people committed to a special cause for a special band.

some of the street team

The Street Team members in the Philippines without the leader, Nerissa (working in Indonesia), Kath (relocated to Cebu), Jeni (absent but hardworking) and new recruit Kenneth!

  1. LPST members are tireless: You will hear core members gripe about how busy they are and apologize for being late in their deadlines, but you will can be sure they will do what they claim to be able to do…and sometimes, even more. You can see LPST members jump, and laugh and horse around during events they’ve organized, without knowing they’ve been up all morning preparing and having meetings after and even joining in the chatter online as if they aren’t bone tired already.
  2. LPST members are generous: A lot of Japanese fan clubs and street teams here in the Philippines complain about not having deep pockets to hold events. Maybe one of the reasons is because their administrators consist mostly of college students, or maybe they just really believe that funds are hard to come by. And that’s true.  But when we’re in a pinch and we need funds, a member (whether or not from the core group) is always willing to shell out part of her hard-earned salary to make events and projects worthwhile. Even though that money is reserved for personal expenses. Or, willing to lend some expensive equipment that would cause a sinkhole in anyone’s budget. Oh, and let us not forget all the great prizes attendees to events always get! Just ask the people who have attended–and those who have been hoarding them (yes, you guys, you’re banned from raffles! -as if!-).
  3. Like BDO, we find ways: There are always hitches, glitches and problems in organizing anything, but LPST core group members always go out of their way to do something about it and make everything seem right. One attendee even said that we have hosted the most organized fan gathering that person has ever attended. We say thank you and phew! If only they knew the turmoil underneath…all that running around like headless chickens because something didn’t go exactly as planned.
  4. LPST members are courageous: No, we’re not fearless. Being fearless is being stupid. There is always something to fear about doing something new, something big and something different. We kicked off with hosting events for members even though we knew that the fan base was not highly active. Ideas after ideas kick started a move to bring all JRock together and, believe it or not, despite the busy schedule of the core members, LPST still is on the fifth gear in creating the biggest JRock gathering in the Philippines.
  5. We are family: We’re not just a group of fans or a group of friends who have a shared interest. We’re more than that. We’re a group of people who take other people who like L’Arc~en~Ciel and welcome them as if they’re long time friends we haven’t met in a while. People who don’t know anyone coming in, come out knowing most everyone and tossing jokes at each other–and even hitching rides with one another. We don’t mind being the butt of jokes or speaking out about something, because we know we would understand one another in the end. And with that, we’re more than just fans.
  6. Trust is a bond that binds: Being a group that does events, we need cash. And when we get cash, we deposit it in a co-administrator’s account. An administrator who never had, doesn’t have and don’t have plans of having an esatafa case under their names. When someone forgets something in a gathering or meeting, that item is always found and restored. Even when it is a Sony Experia Z that we all covet if only to bounce around and swim with. And of course, we can be sure we always have each others’ backs.
  7. Finding resources in barren deserts: I guess this speaks for itself.  Resourcefulness is one of LPST core members’ strengths. We would be flattened by a steam roller first before we stop finding options and means to fill any void we might have.
  8. We never give up: Failed in something? LPST has had many failures better unseen, and yet we continue to push to make things bigger and better. When pulled down by a no, the core group goes up in arms, put on war paint and charge with a battle cry and beat failure down with a sledgehammer. Yes we fail, but we never accept failures lying down.
  9. Cosmopolitan: The Street Team is not just a Philippine fan group. It’s an interconnection of different Street Teams that promote L’Arc~en~Ciel to the world. The Philippines may be an island, but we are connected to different Street Teams around the world via the information highway and help one another kick L’Arc~en~Ciel fandom into high gear. We are a cosmopolitan family. We’re bigger than just the Philippines
  10. Everyone’s a leader: People say too many leaders breed confusion. I disagree. Too many spoiled, selfish and arrogant bosses do that. Leaders don’t boss people around. They don’t take charge and cast everyone aside. No. Leaders take initiative and they help others do their job. Leaders know when to give way to someone who’s more competent to do something right. Leaders serve and ask nothing in return but the success of their endeavors. Yes, the LPST core group are a band of leaders. A band of people who don’t only talk the talk. They walk the talk.

Need I say more on why LPST is such a lovable team? I love you guys from the bottom of my heart!

Message of the Street Team member attendees to the core group and the group as a whole

Message of the Street Team member attendees to the core group and the group as a whole


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